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Navigating Transfer Pricing With Dean Morris (Ep. 13)

Navigating Transfer Pricing With Dean Morris (Ep. 13)

Today on From The Source, Frankie and Sarah discuss the complexities of transfer pricing with Senior Tax Manager, Dean Morris, MBA, delving into the crucial role of transfer pricing in multinational businesses. They explore the importance of understanding transfer pricing methodologies and their implications for tax planning strategies.

Frankie, Sarah, and Dean discuss: 

  • An overview of the concept of transfer pricing and how it is relevant for businesses with cross-border transactions
  • Identifying transfer pricing risks and potential consequences for multinational businesses 
  • The importance of understanding transfer pricing methodologies and proper documentation 
  • The role of AI and technological tools in streamlining transfer pricing processes

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About Our Guest: 

As a Senior Tax Manager of Transfer Pricing, Dean Morris helps clients establish, implement, and protect their transfer pricing policies. With more than 25 years of experience, Dean has addressed challenges in a wide range of industries, including software as a service (SaaS), e‑commerce, fintech, cryptocurrency, and health sciences. Dean’s operational transfer pricing focus is on the design and implementation of policies that balance an optimal mix of having a high ease of use, being supportable to tax authorities, and achieving tax efficiency. Dean graduated with an MBA from McMaster University, worked for eight years in the Big Four environment, and 10 years with a global economic boutique firm. For 10 years he worked as an independent transfer pricing advisor for the cross‑border clients of regional and international accounting and law firms.